Hacked By BALA SNIPER The Texans were upset on two spots on the fourth quarter drive before Oakland went ahead. On third and 2, Lamar http://www.cheapjerseys2013.com Miller was stopped just […]

Weekly Movies - Week 27

Indigenous – Horror (2014) Six friends go on a vacation to Panama, they go into a forbidden part in the jungle. They are being stalked by an ancient creature. So […]

As I have stated in a earlier post I have a favourite genre and that is Horror, and my favourite sub-genre is Zombie movies. I have seen a lot of […]

Weekly Movies - Week 22

Bloodsucking Freaks – Comedy, Horror (1976) A man called Sardu runs a theatre show, it is perverse and full of BDSM, torture and even death. But the thing is that […]

Weekly Movies - Week 21

Cherry Tree – Horror (2015) A teenage girl in high school has a difficult life, her mother is gone, her father was struck by cancer and she is being teased […]

Weekly Movies - Week 20

13 Cameras – Drama, Horror (2015) A young couple move into a new house, the slum-lord is a sleazy guy. He has cameras installed in all his houses, he becomes […]

vs. The Asylum

The Asylum is known for movies that rip off other famous movies to ride on their coat-tails. They do it cheaper and faster, and it shows. Some of the movies […]

Weekly Movies - Week 19

Coffin Baby – Horror (2013) A serial killer is going around town, he kills a young woman in her bedroom and kidnaps her sister. She is now locked up while […]

Part 2: http://www.federico.nl/stories/serial-story-trail-of-reveries-part-2/ Twelve planets along with their moons align with the sun they have been orbiting for eons. The night sky is crowded with extraordinary bright stars, almost blinding […]