Serial Story: Trail of Reveries – Part 4

Part 3:

The man left the room after Samantha took the clothing out of his loose grip. She takes her time to dress up, in the meanwhile she looks around for any way out of the room without going through the door. She knows if she opens the door the man will be near it. As minute pass by she realizes she is naked and puts on the clothing, there is no other way out except for the door. She musters up a bit of courage and walks towards the door, as her hand reaches the door knob she suddenly stops and looks around one more time, looking for a makeshift weapon. Again she finds nothing, everything is secured neatly. “Why would someone have such a room in his house? Please don’t let this guy be a sick perverted serial killer”, Samantha thinks as she opens the door.

Beyond the door lies a corridor with several doors on each side, she looks from left to right searching for an exit. On the left end of the corridor a door with an exit sign above it is close and on the other end a wooden door is open. She hears violin music emanating from the open door, it is beautiful but also very sad, it has a very unsettling undertone. Samantha walks towards the exit door, hoping that it will open. She pushes the bar down and finds that the door opens to the outside, she is surprised that it opened that easy. As she looks around she knows where she might be, an old clinic that closed down in the eighties after the new hospital was built. She is actually not that far from the store, she could easily walk away and find a metro station or even catch a cab.

Her right foot steps over the threshold and lands on the stairs down, she sops before she walks out completely and steps back into the corridor closing the door. She realizes that if she walks away know, she will not get any answers soon. Against her better judgement she walks towards the violin music, hoping that this will not come back to bite her in the ass. She reaches the open door and realizes that the music is coming from a room attached to this elevator hallway, she immediately knows which door to go to as the music is much louder but there is also a feeling emanating from it. Trying to understand what kind of feelings she is experiencing the realization kicks in that it is a feeling of dread but at the same time familiar and friendly. “Miss Krieger, you are welcome to come in”, the suited man says after the violin music has stopped. Samantha walks into a room that transports her into another era, it is almost as if she walks into Sherlock Holmes his living room, excluding the fireplace. The man puts a violin into its case and turns around to face Samantha with a creepy smile, waiting for her to say something.

“Who are you?” Samantha inquires. The man extends a pale hand, “They call me Joshua”. Samantha skin immediately turn into goosebumps, but deciding to be decent she shakes the cold almost dead feeling hand. “I am Samantha, why did you bring me here? Why were you following me? Do you know where the professor is?” she asks in very rapid succession but Joshua puts up his hand and speaks to her “Every question will be answered in due time, lets start with one and see if it will satisfies you curiosity miss Krieger”. Samantha seems very wary after she realizes he knows her last name, before she asks how he knows she realizes that he could have easily looked at her ID Card. Joshua gestures at an old but comfortable looking chair and he sits down in another chair waiting for her to sit down as well. Samantha sits down and tries not to gasp as she realizes that there are paintings on the wall, every single one of them are a scene from a horror story, creatures eating the dead, great monsters rising out of the sea, a library with books and corpses everywhere and a man in a yellow robe. “I hope that my taste in art does not give you the impression that I am a bad man”, Joshua says with a creepy smile on his face. “Hmmm. It kind of gives me a very bad vibe to be honest”, Samantha says. “So, why did you bring me here?” she asks. Joshua looks at her with very old eyes and answers, “This is my temporary residence and it seemed the best place to keep you safe, before you ask me why I did not call the authorities I will explain to you in what kind of predicament you are in”. Samantha feels a slight panic rise in her throat and the feeling of running away creeps up back into her mind but decides to stay in the chair to not antagonize Joshua.

“The dreams you are having are very unusual, they are almost unique you could say. There are not many that hear the call of the patient one, you seem to have been chosen”. he says. “Chosen? By What have I been chosen?” Samantha asks very nervously. Joshua shifts his mass a bit towards Samantha and puts his hands against one other like praying to a higher power, “It is as I said the patient one, it has been on this planet for many aeons and it will be here for aeons to come but it has chosen you for a very special occurrence. You have the will to change the world, you will be the one to bring this age into redemption. It is calling you and you must find it, otherwise you will never fulfil your destiny”. She looks at him with her mouth open and after a few seconds she is able to close it up again, “You do get this sounds very far fetched right? Because I work for a so called paranormal or occult magazine does not mean I believe in that kind of crap. I get it you have a nifty story that you want me to write about, what is in it for you? New Cult that needs more people? Maybe you need to raise money in some way? What do you want?” she asks very sarcastically. Joshua seems hurt for a moment but regains his composure and looks her straight in her eyes, “You can deny that what you know that is true, you can wave it all away as a children’s story. But you know I am telling the truth, you know that you have been chosen and it is calling you. If you wish to stay ignorant for the rest of your life that is up to you”.

Samantha looks at Joshua like he is a mad man, she stands up angrily and starts to walk away, “I do not know in what kind of shit you are really involved but I do not want to be part of it, I am not into culty stuff”. Joshua smiles at her speaking up, “You can walk away but in the end you will head it’s call, and when you do, it will be marvellous and enlightening. I will not stop you, you are free to leave”. Samantha gives him an “Uhu” and walks out of the room immediately heading to the exit in the corridor. As she leaves she hears the pop of locks opening, and moments later she hears him play the violin again. She gladly walks away thinking he would come after her with a gun that he had hidden in the violin case. She pushes down the bar of the exit door again but this time she walks down the stairs into a parking place with one car, a black VW beetle. “Even his car gives me the creeps”, she thinks as she walks towards the exit gate. After fidgeting with a padlock she opens the gate and exists the premises of the clinic, she hears Joshua next to her say “If you want more answers you know where to find me, I will be here for a few more weeks”. Her hart pounds so hard and so fast she thinks she is going to pass out, as she looks at her left side Joshua is standing there with his hat on and a creepy smile.

Turning away, wanting to start running she keeps her composure and walks quickly towards a part of town she knows is more crowded and probably more safe. She finds a bus stop and decides to sit down and catch any bus that goes towards the central station, as she waits flashes of the paintings cross her mind giving her shivers through her spines. Closing her eyes for a moment she has the feeling she is being watched, she opens her eyes violently and looks around like a mad woman looking for Joshua. Joshua is nowhere to be seen but a young girl with blond hair and a blue dress stares at her while she has a doll in her hands. The doll is a person in a black suit with a bowler hat, just like Joshua. Samantha rubs in her eyes hoping that it is all in her imagination, but there still is a girl, a girl with dark hair with her left hand in what seems to be her fathers right hand walking towards a grocery store. She must have imagined it, she hopes.

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