May 2016

Weekly Movies - Week 20

13 Cameras – Drama, Horror (2015) A young couple move into a new house, the slum-lord is a sleazy guy. He has cameras installed in all his houses, he becomes […]

Weekly Movies - Week 19

Coffin Baby – Horror (2013) A serial killer is going around town, he kills a young woman in her bedroom and kidnaps her sister. She is now locked up while […]

Serial Story: Trail of Reveries - Part 3

Part 2: Twelve planets along with their moons align with the sun they have been orbiting for eons. The night sky is crowded with extraordinary bright stars, almost blinding […]

Weekly Movies - Week 18

A Bay of Blood – Horror, Mystery, Thriller A rich woman is murdered by her husband who wants her money, people start to die around the bay. Meanwhile a group […]

Weekly Movies - Week 17

Ava’s Possessions – Horror, Comedy (2015) A young woman has a “spirit” possessing her, with the help of a priest she gets rid of it. She must go to AA […]