Weekly Movies – Week 22

Bloodsucking Freaks – Comedy, Horror (1976)

A man called Sardu runs a theatre show, it is perverse and full of BDSM, torture and even death. But the thing is that it is not fake at all, he wants to become famous with the show so he devices a plan.

This movie is 18+ for sure. This movie is also named The Incredible Torture Show which makes more sense than Bloodsucking freaks, there is no bloodsucking at all. This movie is silly beyond comprehension. Acting is extremely bad and effects suck even for those days, there is sort of a story but I couldn’t find it completely. Was it the worst I have ever seen? NEah. Oh a lot of naked women, lots of torture and lots of maniacal laughing (and of course the happy murderous midget). Would I watch this one again? Nope

Spoiler Alert - Bloodsucking Freaks

Bloodsucking Freaks IMDB Profile

My Score: (2 / 10)

Goddess of Love – Drama, Horror, Mystery (2015)

A woman working in a strip club meets a man who she falls in love with, they get into a relationship and after a while she gets very jealous. She has psychosis and she descents into a negative spiral.

This movie is 18+ for sure. The movie is not bad, there is too much sex for my taste in it. The main actress is nice to look at don’t get me wrong but there is a thing as too much. The acting is quite good but the music is irritating, Jazz, or free Jazz. The psychosis part is done very nastily and probably quite realistic, of course not everything can be right but they did a good job on that. The descent into madness is done convincingly. Some things are too much but they fit in the movie. Can’t write too much about it otherwise the movie plot is spoiled. Would I watch it again? Not really, it is not my type of movie, but if you like movies about insanity then this one is for you.

Spoiler Alert - Goddess of Love

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My Score: (6 / 10)

IMDB Watchlist = 4414

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