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Reel Zombies (2009)

The creators of Zombie Night and Zombie Night 2 decided to create a third instalment of atrociously bad zombie movies. They had a “brilliant” idea to write a script where they are filming the third film but the zombie apocalypse really happened. It was smart to create such a film according to them in the movie because it would be in demand after the zombie apocalypse would be over. So there you go the premise of the movie, and yes it was that bad.

Acting, well there isn’t any real acting just people trying to act like they can act but they can’t. I know it is vague to describe because it is really that bad. Well music is really bad, the quality of the film is below par for an “amateur” movie in 2009.

Spoiler Alert - Zombie Reel
They constantly admit their films suck, so why make them? No idea why they keep doing it. While filming a lot of stuff goes wrong, it starts with the beginning of the movie. They cast people and get people from their previous movies, this part takes way too long for a movie like this. Then they start filming part 3 and well people start dying, in the end they have a big scene with a band playing music on a stage. People dancing like idiots and of course instead of the planned fake zombies, real zombies show up and kill everyone off. One of the producers went out before to get something for someone else and did not shut the gate…… Yeah, let that sink in. The day after that some survived they finish the movie and well in the end they all die. End of the movie and thus series. Thank the horror gods for that.

Reel Zombies IMDB Profile

My Score: 1 out of 10 stars (1 / 10)

Rockabilly Zombie Weekend (2013)

A rockabilly group of people are going to run from zombies. Basically the two main characters are getting married. A bug spray must be tested on the area and an aeroplane dumps the chems over the land and also on people. So some persons die and become zombies, the undead disturb the wedding and from there on they try to escape from the zombies falling for the obvious what not to do in horror and especially in a zombie movie. They are trying to find a place to survive.

It is not the worst zombie movie that I have ever seen, it has some nice production value and the acting is sometimes not that bad. I do think that there are way too many things going on at the same time and too many people are introduced to quickly be killed off anyhow. It is a somewhat slow story, sadly enough it is very unoriginal and other movies have done it way better. Some characters are to gimicky to my taste, the reverent with the weird beard for example. The rockabilly thing is cute but not my cup of tea, does it add something to the movie? Well sure it does if you are into that kind of thing, so if you like rockabilly and horror/zombie movies. This might be for you. I would not re-watch this movie.

Spoiler Alert - Rockabilly Zombie Weekend
It starts with a black guy with an extremely bad Jamaican accent and injuries we do not know why he has it. He is in his “lab/shed” creating something? Two guys from an agency come by and tell him to test a new crop killing chem. So with not many questions he does this, I must admit it adds completely nothing to the movie. The guy does not come back and the two agents and their agency never appear as well. But ok a rockabilly guy and girl are going to marry in the weekend. A lot of family bullshit goes on with typically white trash husband hits the mother and mother is on drugs and works in bar etc. etc. So then just before the wedding people become zombies, they start to walk around and one of the greasers at the wedding becomes a zombie too and suddenly they are attacked by a bunch of zombies. They recognize them as zombies but people bitten or splattered with zombie guts can stick with the group. They won’t turn? Will they? Sure they will, dumb-asses. So they go from location to location seeking safety weapons etc. etc. in the end they go to the airport after loosing everyone else. The just married couple find a guy whose wife is bitten and he tells them to take his chopper on the other side of the airport. Tada instant plot solver. Oh there are some military guys shouting and being all macho at the airport and the planes are full so they gladly take the chopper and fly off into the darkness of night.

Rockabilly Zombie Weekend IMDB Profile

My Score: 2 out of 10 stars (2 / 10)

IMDB Watchlist = 4664

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