Role Playing Games – How I was introduced to it

I have been playing and game mastering role playing games for over 2 decades. I love building a world where other people can play a role in.

I remember the first time, a teacher at my old school used to have a RPG group every Wednesday afternoon, he did this for many years and I was so lucky to be one of the players in one of his campaigns. After a few sessions it was over and I went to a club where I could play role playing games or play some tactical miniature game. There I really started to get into role playing games and I have been part of the club for years. I also went to LARP events, I got into this thanks due to the same teacher that got me into role playing.

After years of being a player I decided to create my own worlds and adventures, thus I became a Game Master (I do not use dungeon master cause nowadays i don’t narrate Fantasy role playing games). What I love most are Sci Fi and/or Horror type of games, I have created several campaigns over the past decade. I had a group space faring all over the galaxy using the Mongoose Publishing Traveller role playing system. A team of super heroes emerged to save humanity with the help of Mutants and Masterminds, Zombies ate a lot of player characters on a rainy Sunday afternoon using All Flesh Must Be Eaten of Eden Studios.

I have also done campaigns where I use unusual settings, I have ran a Supernatural campaign but not with the original rules but Classic Unisystem of Eden Studios. One campaign was the second U.S. Civil war and the players where stuck in the middle of it. Shortly I have created a story from a dream that I had about a man that wakes up in the middle of a desert in a distant planet not knowing who or what he was and made it into a story that involved several players.

I am the most proud of my most recent creations: District and Reset, both settings are played with Classic Unisystem but it has been heavily house-ruled. The only things still the same are the stats, skills (added a load of them), some qualities and drawbacks and throwing D10’s to resolve tasks, I have added my own magic, Mutations, Software, Cybernet, Races, equipment and so on.

Soon I will post a bit more about District and Reset but that is for a later post.

Author: Federico

I have created this blog so i have a way to vent my random thoughts. It will be a journey without an end.


  1. Hai Federico, that’s a long time back, brings back nice memories. As for the first two paragraphs: it was a pleasure doing it!!!


    1. Hey Siegfried, those memories mean a lot to me and I know that there a lot more people that have those same memories with you. If I would have not been introduced to Role Playing and LARP this way I think I would have not had all the good memories involving Role Playing that I have now.
      Thanks a lot for those memories.


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