Weekly Movies – Week 18

A Bay of Blood – Horror, Mystery, Thriller

A rich woman is murdered by her husband who wants her money, people start to die around the bay. Meanwhile a group of youngsters want to party but will they survive?

Slasher movie, not bad also not very good. Acting is as good as you can expect from an Italian B-Movie. Nothing new here. If you really like slashers or particularly Italian Horror/Slasher then this movie might be worth checking out. Would I watch it again? Maybe when I am older.

My Score: 5 out of 10 stars (5 / 10)

Apparition – Horror, Thriller (2015)

A young couple get engaged and are preparing to restore an old farm-house, an ex boyfriend of the woman shows up and her fiancé gets angry. As they drive away from a party where the ex appeared without an invitation they get into an accident. He decides to restore the house because she would have wanted it to be restored. Strange things begin to happen in the house.

I saw the movie under the name: “The Nesting”, it is also known as “Remorse”. This movie is boring, the story is uninspiring and they try to give you doubt if it is paranormal or psychological. It does not work, too slow. The acting is ok and the setting is ok. Too boring for me, would I watch it again? Nope

My Score: 3 out of 10 stars (3 / 10)

Exit 14 – Horror (2016)

Spring break will soon start, a group of 4 college students go on their way to celebrate it. Their car breaks down and a friendly man helps them. Or does he?

Acting was really bad and sometimes outright annoying, one of the characters is such a douche it is too much. The movie was not very well and the script could have been a lot better. I can write more about the movie but it was not my kind of movie.

My Score: 2 out of 10 stars (2 / 10)

Night Train Murders – Horror (1975)

Two girls go on a trip to celebrate Christmas with family, they go by train. Two scoundrels get on the same train, one of them meets a perverted woman and they rape and torture both girls. Things go very wrong in the end.

Last house on the left on a train, this one I found irritating. Music was irritating, acting was well moronic. Typical Italian “Horror” based on sex exploitation, don’t get me wrong the fact Rape is part of the movie is not the biggest problem. I like vengeance movies like I spit on your grave (Original and remake) and last house on the left was also ok. This movie, do not know why, but it was too stupid for my feeling. Would never watch it again.

My Score: 2 out of 10 stars (2 / 10)

Roseville – Horror (2013)

In the 80’s police investigators cannot solve a case surrounding guests in a mountain villa/resort. Weird murders have taken place, the movie show the events leading up to the mysterious murders.

This movie surprised me a bit, a Bulgarian horror movie with a scary and a bit Lovecraftian feel. Acting is not bad, some actors might be irritating (actually only one, the American) but that does not spoil the movie. Would I watch it again? Heck yeah.

My Score: 6 out of 10 stars (6 / 10)

The 5th Wave – Action, Adventure, Sci Fi (2016)

Aliens come to earth and start to take out humanity by 4 waves of attacks and the 5th one is on its way. Will humanity survive? We see a girl trying to survive alone, looking for her younger brother.

This movie was somewhat entertaining as I like sci-fi and I was busy converting some things for my RPG system. On the other hand it was very annoying on a Maze Runner/Divergent/Twilight kind of way. You know teen movies that focus too much on the teens and not the premise of the story. There are some ridiculous characters in this movie, stereotypical and completely unnecessary. This annoyed me more than anything else. And holy crap this movie is very predictable, I could guess scene after scene and the ending as well. I thought that the main actress did not spoil the remake of Carrie, I thought it was the script. Holy fart, she is really that bad, she did ruin Carrie and can act just as well as Kirsten Stewart (you know the emotionless corpse lead actress in Twilight), looking around all scared to poo in her trousers or something like that. The movie is too long almost 2 hours, they should have made it into a 80 up to 90 minutes movie and then it still would be just as crappy but then you would have about 30 minutes more to watch other movies. Will I watch it again? No way.

My Score: 2 out of 10 stars (2 / 10)

Vittra – Horror (2012)

A group of people go to a house somewhere in the rural lands of Sweden to have a great time. They get to the house and soon notice something is wrong, it seems an old Swedish legend might be true. Survival will be difficult.

First I was afraid it would be a very bad zombie flick but in the end it was a mythical evil kind of story. Acting was good and even though one guy was very annoying (which was the purpose in the movie) it was quite nice to watch the movie not being able to predict every scene (of course I could predict about 70% of it). I enjoyed the ending, they could make a sequel but if they don’t the movie will make sense. The evil dead sauce is all over this movie, and that is not a bad thing. The second half is very gory and they use practical effects which I love. Is it a complete rip-off? No not really but relies a lot on Evil Dead in its story. Would I watch it again? Probably. By the way the movie name translates into Wither.

My Score: 7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)

Zoombies – Horror (2016)

A mega zoo/animal preservation zoo has an outbreak of zombie animals. I can’t even describe the rest of the movie that says it all.

Wow this one was crap, animal zombies. Yeah really that is what the movie is about. Humans bitten by zombie animals do not become zombies but a monkey biting a giraffe will do it. Wow, that makes no sense whatsoever. Special effects are as good as those in the 90’s, but what do you expect from The Asylum movies? Acting was sometimes atrocious and sometimes ok, the child was freaking annoying. This movie sucks, plain and simple. No I will never watch this stinking pile of doodoo again.

My Score: 1 out of 10 stars (1 / 10)

IMDB Watchlist = 4384

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