Serial Story: Trail of Reveries – Part 3

Part 2:

Twelve planets along with their moons align with the sun they have been orbiting for eons. The night sky is crowded with extraordinary bright stars, almost blinding those gazing into the depths of the cosmos. Nothing about this sight is familiar, as if this observation occurs on an alien planet many light years away. Looking around all notice that the soil is different, it has a green shine to it, as if grounded jade was mixed into it. The sky is a deep dark purple and giant transparent manta ray kind of creatures are soaring over. The fourth planet aligns with the sun and the first three planets, a distant rumble warns that something big is happening. As the rumble closes in, it can also be felt as the ground shakes.

The “manta rays” quickly fly away from the advancing rumble, and all earth bound creatures run towards the same direction. If someone was able to look back towards the rumbling noise it would see a creature of pure light emerging from the depths of the planet. The creature levitates off the ground and flies into the sky, soon exiting the atmosphere. The creature resembles entangled roots made out of light, or maybe snakes coiled up together. Some parts of the roots are almost “solid” white with a yellow glow to it, illuminating everything it passes by. A trail of fading light follows it only to disperse seconds thereafter. The light roots accelerate to the speed of light passing by million of planets, moons, asteroids, nebulae and much more. After 3500 years or even more it seems to have reached its final destination, slowing down near a relatively new planet, Eight hundred million years young with its core still cooling off.

The creature of light orbits the young planet for years, suddenly descending to the surface. As it floats down in what once will be an atmosphere the creature seems to be searching for something. Days later it finds what it is looking for, crashing on newly formed land mass. The impact of the light creature ripples the earth around it, creating a crater, millennia will pass before the crater is almost unseen. Centuries have passed since the creature planted itself into the soil, vegetation has grown all around the now dormant creature. In the middle of the impact zone a tree has risen, hundreds of meter tall and at least ten meters wide. If one would stand near the tree it would feel eternal peace. The scenery what once was a rocky and almost colorless canvas has transformed, blue, red and yellow and every mix possible has taken over. All kind of organisms are given birth around the once to be ancient tree, sprouting life from the color.

Eons pass by and proto humans wander around a tree, a majestic beacon attracting life. The ancient tree has been part of their culture since they can recollect, a holy place where they are shown a peaceful and tranquil way. In their culture it is thought that the tree exists since the beginning of time, ancient, wise and steadfast. Beautiful red fruit dangles on the massive branches all the way up the ancient and colossal tree, it reaches into the sky and beyond, no creature has seen what is at the top. White flowers with a pleasant smell came before the fruit, now they have grown into rough red spheres. A pleasant sweet smell trails far away, reaching hungry beings that will gather around the ancient tree very soon.

Proto humans are a careful species evading danger when possible, they scare easy and rather run away when confronted. They evolved beyond simple thinking, able to use small tools and create shelters if needed. Food was never an issue for them as they found it everywhere hanging in trees and bushes. But this year things seem to be different, there is no more fruit that can be reached anymore. A drought withered most of the vegetation they depended on, leaving behind the toughest and most dangerous plants around. Food suddenly became an issue, how could they survive? The only source of food left was the ancient tree, their patient “elder”.
Without any other choice they decided to feed on the red fruit, they cannot run away from this situation.

A female proto human stands at the bottom of the stem and looks up to the first branches, after overcoming her fear she climbs into the tree. Thankfully proto humans can climb very well, just like their ancestors. She reaches the first branch and pulls herself up onto it, she slides towards a red sphere. With a hesitating move she plucks the fruit and almost slips off, her hand grabs the branch before she falls. With the red sphere in her hand she pulls herself up, there she sits on the branch gasping for air as fear took her breath away. After examining the fruit for what seems to be hours she takes a smell and her stomach rumbles in hunger. The decision has been made for her by her stomach, she takes a bite and chews hastily, a feeling of peace wraps around her like a warm blanket. Her eyes seem to be different, brighter as if she had an epiphany, as if the light went on.

Words start to form in her head, understanding what they are and how they ca be used. Out of nowhere she speaks up in a coherent and intelligent language, realizing that she evolved beyond proto human. Ideas are born in her mind and she has difficulty holding it all together but after a moment she recollects herself and the concept of a safer and more efficient society pops up. She closes her eyes seeing planets many light years away, wisdom and patience are found amongst the stars on the inside of her eyes.

Abruptly Samantha opens her eyes not yet understanding what she dreamed of. Bright sunlight shining through the windows blinds her, she rubs her eyes getting rid of all the sleep in her eyes. After a few minutes her eyes adjust to the bright light. With her sight restored she looks around, an almost empty room with a bed, small table next to her right hand with a glass of water on it. To the left she sees two big windows, they are barred from the inside.

“Where am I”, she mumbles to herself, trying to figure out what happened. Slowly she realizes she might be in danger, she was being followed. Pushing her elbows onto the mattress to lift her torso up, looking beyond the foot end of the bed she sees a wooden door without a lock. She hears footsteps in the distance nearing towards her, alertness takes her over and she looks around if there is something useful that can proxy for a weapon. As anxiety builds up in her body she almost suffers a panic attack as the door opens revealing a manly shadow as it steps inside.

The star eyed man enters the room with a grin on his face, “Don’t be alarmed, you are safe here”. Samantha fights against the anxiety, her panic level raising every second. Breathing heavily she holds back her fear and is able to calm down enough to react if needed. “If I wanted to harm you I would not bring you here, don’t you think it would have been more effective with you being unconscious”, he says with a slight trace of arrogance in his soothing voice. Samantha cannot control her body anymore and shivers uncontrollable with fear, the man has a dark and frightening charisma. “I am glad that you are awake” he says while he stand to the left side of the bed. He has her clothing neatly folded in his hands and smiles “Now you are awake I can understand you might want to get up”, he take the glass of water and lays her clothing on the table. “I cleaned your garments, they where dirty after your run into the alley”, he grins at her giving her the chills. “Dress up” he says as he gestures at the door, “The door is open if you wish to leave”.

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