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In the last year I have “read” quite a lot of Audiobooks. I have problems keeping my attention in a book while reading it so a good alternative for me are audiobooks.

So the Zombie Fallout Series written by Mark Tufo.


I am not yet done with the series but it is a funny, nasty, zombie filled series that is written very well. I will read more of Mark Tufo as I really like his writing style.

So a very basic rundown of the story, the zombie apocalypse breaks out after a vaccine against the cold goes wrong and turns people into dead people and after that “awakens” them creating zombies. The story follows Mike Talbot and his family, an ex Marine with a very cynical and sarcastic view of the world and it is his main way to cope with everything that is happening in the world. A strange zombie woman seems to be able to control the other zombies and has chosen Mike as her arch nemesis. As Mike Talbot and his family try to survive the zombie woman hunts them down.

What I love the most of the story is that there are parts in the books that I can relate with and think that would happen in real life. The sarcasm of Mike Talbot really speaks to me, I am sarcastic myself so I can appreciate it a lot and relate to it. The zombies are not the main “character” of the book but Mike and his family are and that makes it easy to read. The story goes from Mike to other characters and explains what happened to others when Mike was doing his thing. There seems to be a Good vs. Evil theme going on in the series, sometimes it goes into religion but does not go overboard and is certainly not a book promoting a religion, idea or way of life.

Mark Tufo his writing feels very natural and flows very well, not too complicated and not too easy. His use of perspectives are well done and does not get irritating and repetitive too soon (there is only so much a writer can do with perspective).

If you want to read/listen a good zombie story I recommend the Zombie Fallout Series. Keep in mind it is not a traditional zombie story and it evolves into much more every book.

At the time of writing this there are 10 books in the Zombie Fallout series.

Zombie Fallout Book 1: Zombie Fallout

Zombie Fallout Book 2: A Plague Upon Your Family

Zombie Fallout Book 3: The End

Zombie Fallout Book 3.5: Dr. Hugh Mann

Zombie Fallout Book 4: The End Has Come and Gone

Zombie Fallout Book 5: Alive in a Dead World

Zombie Fallout Book 6: Till Death do us Part

Zombie Fallout Book 7: For the Fallen

Zombie Fallout Book 8: An Old Beginning

Zombie Fallout Book 9: Tattered Remnants

My Score: 9 out of 10 stars (9 / 10)

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