Weekly Movies – Week 20

13 Cameras – Drama, Horror (2015)

A young couple move into a new house, the slum-lord is a sleazy guy. He has cameras installed in all his houses, he becomes obsesses with the lead character and becomes more extreme in his stalking.

It was creepy, horror? Not really, it was slow and had a lot of in my opinion unbelievable situations. Maybe it is a European vs. U.S. thing, script was ok but I think this plot had a lot potential but they did not fulfil it. Sometimes it is good if you get irritated by a character, in this movie I got irritated a bit too much. The characters portrayed are extremely stupid it seems. Again good idea but I did not like the execution. I would not watch this movie again.

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My Score: (2 / 10)

Age of Tomorrow – Action, Sci-Fi – Thriller (2014)

A meteorite 1/4th the size of the moon is heading for Earth, a group of soldiers is send to the meteor to blow it up. But the meteor is not what it seems it is a spaceship full with drones that want to take over the world.

Acting is bad, special effects are below par, make up is funny, the story makes no sense, yeps ladies and gentlemen this is a The Asylum movie. Most of the movie does not make sense because it seems to be 2 or 3 different movies set in the same setting. They go back and forth the different “movies” and that is why it feels very rushed like whole scenes have been skipped. Characters make very stupid and unlogical decisions and so do the characters of the extras. The space suits are not that well made, just like it came from a toy store. It must be a very difficult time for a good actor to work on such a movie and working with almost amateurs and bad writing, trying to make something of a movie. Music is ok, they overuse it sometimes, it is probably stock music. This is not the best movie, nope seen it once means never again.

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My Score: (2 / 10)

Backdraft – Drama, Horror, Mystery (2015)

A psychiatrist has lost his daughter in an accident, life goes on and he takes on patients. Something is wrong with the patients, they seem to be different. In search for answers the man uncovers a far deeper story within his own memories.

I want to like this movie more than I do, the story is interesting, they do copy some things from other movies which I did not like but ok. It felt like it raced through the first act like a mad man, in the second act it becomes a bit more relaxed and things begin to unfold. Ending was predictable and actually an anticlimax, that is why I give it a 4 instead of a 6 (there a few other small things). The movie is set in Australia, but the lead actor is from new york, people say his accent is spot on. To be honest it irritated me a bit, maybe that is because of me but it did irritate. The premise of the movie is interesting so if you don’t have anything to do and want to have an easy Horror flick then this one might be ok.I have to be honest that it sometimes felt like there was some lazy writing, some things that happen are impossible in life (yeah I know it is a horror movie but this is not about the dead people but about technical things that cannot happen). Copying some things from other movies is also lazy in my opinion. If they would have put more time in it I think this movie would have been a hit. Would I watch it again? No when you have seen it once then it is ruined. If you want to watch this movie do not I repeat DO NOT READ THE SPOILER.

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My Score: (4 / 10)

Blood Rage – Horror (1987)

Todd and his twin Terry are at the cinema, Terry kills a man and his brother is institutionalized as he was blamed. Todd escapes 10 years later on thanksgiving and starts a bloodbath, Terry seemed to behave all those years but now his violent side is also awake.

Bad acting, bad effects, bad script but still a bit awesome this has 80’s B-Movie written all over it. It is a tad chaotic but fun enough to watch. Blood gushing, heads splitting jeps this movie is very bad. I don’t have to say that much about the movie this sums it all up. Would I watch it again? I don’t think so.

Blood Rage IMDB Profile

My Score: (3 / 10)

Estranged – Thriller (2015)

A couple are on vacation, they ride on a scooter and after going far too fast they have a huge accident. The girl is injured in her head, she can’t walk any-more, lost part of her memory and has a big hole in her head. She goes back to her family, she does not remember why she left in the first place. Her boyfriend helps her to recover, but something is wrong, the reason she left must have been a good one.

Good acting, beautiful scenery and an ok story, yes ok, they try to push your boundaries a bit too much. There is some violence involved that can be very graphic and realistic. Why did I give it a lower rating? Well the story was too predictable and it happens really fast. Acting is good in this movie but I felt like the story could have been better, a lot better. It goes into a certain road that should have been taken slower or not at all. I won’t say too much because this is a movie when you have seen it once the surprise is gone. If you want to watch this movie do not I repeat DO NOT READ THE SPOILER.

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My Score: (4 / 10)

Hard Line – Comedy – Horror (2016)

A man tries to survive the zombie apocalypse, we see him before, within and after the outbreak. All from point of view.

An ok Zombie movie, the make up is not the best and the story is well very loose. The acting is not the best but also not the worst of it all. It plays a lot with the emotions of the main character. I haven’t found the Comedy part of this movie, and I have quite a black sense of humour. The story goes too fast for my taste, a more coherent story and 10 to maybe 20 minutes more could have been a good thing. I like the start and ending of the movie most, you need to see that for yourselves if you want to know why. This movie is also known as Dead Rush. Would I watch this movie again? Maybe in a zombie movie marathon.

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My Score: (4 / 10)

Paradox – Action, Drama, Sci Fi (2016)

A group of reject scientists work on a secret project, they want to create a time machine. It succeeds but someone will kill them in the future, who can it be?

The premise of the story is actually interesting, specially if you like Sci Fi time travelling movies. Sadly enough not all the actors understood that if you say that you are an actor you actually need to act like the character in the script. Special effects are mediocre but it can be worse, music is quite nice, specially if you run Sci Fi rpg sessions. It is too damn obvious who the plot will unfold, you can predict who the killer is and probably have it right at the end. They tried their best with one place indicating that their budget was not that high. At least that is what I think, oh by the way giving a person an English accent while clearly not English sounds very crappy unless they actually practised it before the movie and perfected it. Would I watch this one again? Nope, not a chance

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My Score: (3 / 10)

Slender – Thriller (2016)

Two friends and the girlfriend/sister are making a documentary but they do not have a subject. One day one of the friends sees a woman talking about losing her children and the shadow creature. They start investigating with the idea it is fake and it is a documentary about fear.

Acting is totally not natural and the script is very bad to say the least. I did like the idea so that is why I won’t give it a 1. The whole execution of the movie is boring, the end is somewhat confusing and of course has jump scares. The movie is far too unprofessional in my opinion, and the found camera stuff is not that interesting any-more. Sometimes a good one pops up but this is not that one. Oh and they assume that cameras when interfered still make weird noises like hand-held tape cameras. They use the sound trick far too much. Would I watch this movie again? Are you kidding me? Nope.

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My Score: (2 / 10)

Sociopathia – Horror (2015)
A young woman has a psychological problem, she works in a FX shop. She needs someone to love, but does she love a bit too much?

Crap, that is the only thing I can say, it is really bad. Acting is beyond horrible, specially the main actress. Too much sex scenes, all lesbian and a lot of boobs. And the blood effects holy shit stain batman. This must be one of the worst CGI blood effects I have seen in a movie from the last two years. There is a lot of psycho outbreaks that make no sense whatsoever, I have the feeling this movie is almost a clone of another movie, Maniac. I would never watch it again.

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My Score: (1 / 10)

Symptoms – Horror (1974)

A woman visits one of her girl friends in an empty house to stay and look out for her, the woman hears weird noises in the night. There are others residing in the house?

Nice movie, good acting and scenery is very nice. It is very gloomy through the movie, music is very fitting. It begins slow but it builds up to a good ending. This movie requires a bit of patience but it will be worth it. Btw you must know that this is a smoking commercial movie or something, almost got lung problems from watching it. This is a nice movie, would I watch it again? Maybe.

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Symptoms IMDB Profile

My Score: (6 / 10)

The Offering – Drama, Horror, Mystery (2016)

A police woman finds out her sister died, she goes to identify her body in Singapore. Apparently there is an entity in her sister’s house pestering her young niece.

I wanted to like this movie, I like the story on itself. But I couldn’t get passed the badly executed clichés, the flat acting, irritating nonsensical priest character and the irritating kid actor. There are conversations and actions that no normal human would ever do. The music was ok, was it scary? No, too many elements actually where more comical to me. Was there mystery? Yeah kind off but it goes away very soon. It would have been nice if they would have researched the topic better, or execute it better in the movie. Normally I like these kind of movies but this one was meaningless. Would I watch it again? Nope.

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My Score: (2 / 10)

The Ouija Experiment – Horror (2011)

Friends come together to play with an ouija board, they release a spirit. The spirit is not very nice and starts pestering the group.

Over acting at its best, verbally and physically. The story is so weak that weak sauce would be an understatement. Their acting is like kids having a school play and have been told to overact, to emphasize on the mood of the scene. At one point a character gets a jump scare from an other character and almost says “Girl you had us…” but she recovers in mid sentence to “It’s probably this Ouija board talk. The characters are so flat and unlikeable that you really want to punch some sense into them and give them acting lessons. They use the cheapest way to make horror movies, hand held cams and jump scares. They point out when sounds are heard or things happen while they film it, another sign of bad acting. Oh and bad actors, probably cheap. Did you know that ghosts sound like Chewbacca after a week of smoking weed and eating Mexican food all the time?I was sure it was a comedy but according to IMDB it wasn’t. Did they do things right? Don’t know could not take it seriously. I would say if you like to torture yourself with movies then this one is a good one. The “good” thing is that there is a sequel and guess who will be watching it? Yes this sorry bastard writing. If I could I would give it a -1.

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My Score: (1 / 10)

The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death – Horror (2015)

So part 2 exists, in this one the actors promote their movie in a theatre and one of them plays with the Ouija board from the movie releasing a malicious spirit in the theatre.

I thought it would not be possible to top the first movie, but this one is even worse. They overact more than before, they talk to themselves even more and the writing is even more lazy than before. The make up is not very good and the inconsistencies in the movie are worse than in the first one. Acting is extremely bad, I would have not thought that the actors from the first movie even became worse. Mostly you become better, but they became worse. Especially the main actress is excruciating bad. They use the same music as in movie one but they overuse the tension building up music. Specially at the beginning of the movie the sound is really bad, they have erased some sound probably because some outside sounds where bad. But it also erased some parts of the dialogues. This time the ghost sounds like a sewer that is making gurgling noises after you have taken such a sticky dump that it can’t flush everything down on one go. Too many clichés executed the worst way, even the jump scares in this one where bad. Btw this movie is known under several names; The Ouija Resurrection, The Ouija Haunting, The Ouija Experiment 2: The Ouija Resurrection. Please, please do not watch this movie, unless you like Z-Movies but then very very very bad. If I could I would give this movie a rating of -5.

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My Score: (1 / 10)

The Perfect Husband – Drama, Horror, Thriller (2014)

A couple has marriage problems so they decide to go to a cabin owned by an uncle. They want to rest and work on their relationship, sadly her husband is very jealous and it becomes very violent.

The actors if we can call them that are sub-par or even below it. No charisma, no way to express, very flat. The main actor has a very irritating raspy and sometimes very soft voice and both have a bad accent, Italian I think. Their IMDB profiles say that they have been born in the US but still the accent. Their profiles praise them for their work in movies, which is mostly pfffffffffffffff. The story is very simple and the twist of the movie is a wtf moment but somewhat stupid. Nope not watching this movie ever again.

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My Score: (2 / 10)

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