Weekly Movies – Week 21

Cherry Tree – Horror (2015)

A teenage girl in high school has a difficult life, her mother is gone, her father was struck by cancer and she is being teased at school. Her father was getting better but the cancer returned with a vengeance and he had a few months to live. A witch gives her the option to cure her father with magic, she accepts not realizing the consequences.

I was surprised when I finished this movie, I actually liked it. The acting is not that bad and the concept of the movie actually was somewhat original. Specially the cherry tree part. The special effects could have been a lot worse but also somewhat better. The story progresses at a good pace and the ending is maybe the only thing I thought was the weakest. But all with all it is a good and fun movie to watch. I recommend this movie if you like mysterious witch movies. Would I watch it again? Probably, even contemplating to add it to my collection.

Spoiler Alert - The Carrier

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My Score: (5 / 10)

The Carrier – Action, Drama, Sci Fi (2015)

Humanity has been struck by a nasty virus, this virus is antibiotic resistant. A few people are on an air plane high in the sky. They must resupply and will they all stay sane?

This movie is will not go into details about the virus, we only follow the people on the plane. Acting is good, some people better then others, Sci Fi is far to be seen unless pandemic movies are Sci Fi too. The script is too “shaky” so to say, it isn’t very solid and that is the biggest flaw of the movie, it felt like it went nowhere. Special effects are good, well practical effects mostly but the CGI is decent as well. Dialogue is sometimes a bit too boring with many pauses and the characters make very weird decisions which even for a pretend thing like a film is weird. But all with all a ok movie. Would I watch it again? No not really.

Spoiler Alert - The Carrier

The Carrier IMDB Profile

My Score: (4 / 10)

IMDB Watchlist = 4413

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