As I have stated in a earlier post I have a favourite genre and that is Horror, and my favourite sub-genre is Zombie movies. I have seen a lot of […]

vs. The Asylum

The Asylum is known for movies that rip off other famous movies to ride on their coat-tails. They do it cheaper and faster, and it shows. Some of the movies […]


Living in South Spain has left a lot of impressions, taste and characteristic traits on me. So when I flew to the Netherlands with my mother and brother I soon […]

This page will contain links to all the Fiction that I have published on the Blog. The link will open in a different tab/window. Long Stories: Serial Stories: Trail of […]

So I have an idea for a story but somehow I can’t get myself to write it. While thinking about Role Play scenarios that I have made, suddenly I got […]

H.P. Lovecraft and the Mythos

Lets start at the beginning, I learned quite early about Lovecraft due to Role Playing Games. I have never played Call of Cthulhu but other games are influenced greatly by […]

So I decided when I started this blog not to be a complainer or post too many things about my depression but sadly enough I cannot avoid it. positivity is […]

Sometimes I get an Anxiety “attack” out of nowhere, I know this is a part of being Depressed and such. But it is a nasty feeling, specially if you do […]