Weekly Movies – Week 27

Indigenous – Horror (2014)

Six friends go on a vacation to Panama, they go into a forbidden part in the jungle. They are being stalked by an ancient creature.

So this movie was sometimes ok but most of the movie it sucks. Acting is very juvenile, if that is the intention then they succeeded but I think they failed. The plot is very thin, special effects are good, music is ok. I will never see this movie ever again.

Spoiler Alert - Indigenous
So six friends go to Panama for a good time. They go into a spooky part of the jungle so they can swim in a beautiful water with a waterfall. After a few hours of fun one of the friends disappeared. The whole movie is a monster is taking the friends, one is a “hero” and tries to help. Well the monster(s) is a chupacabra, and it is angry and hungry. In the end two of the friends survive after being saved by the Panama police, before that one of the friends runs out of the jungle and is filmed by a news helicopter camera man. The friend is dragged back into the jungle and the clip goes all over the world and everyone believes in weird creatures. That was it.

Indigenous IMDB Profile

My Score: 3 out of 10 stars (3 / 10)

Plan 9 – Horror, Sci Fi, Zombies, Comedy? (2015)

A meteorite approaches earth and it infects people to rise from the grave, a few townsfolk are trying to survive.

So hmmmmmmmmmm, what do I say? This one is weird, lets call it different. So acting is atrocious but it is funny, even tough it is not a comedy according to IMDB. Music is ok, story is hmmm, different. Special effects are like in a 80’s D-Movie. Would I watch it again? No.

Spoiler Alert - Plan 9
Aliens try to take over the world by creating zombies in a small town because that is very handy? Every x hours a wave comes from a meteorite and all the dead in the wave become zombies, the wave is bigger every time.  Townsfolk try to survive, a guy is looking for his girlfriend (You know the blonde boyfriend of one of the Charmed sisters, the maintenance guy/angel), so he finds her and kid you not he splits with her in middle of the movie. Ok in the end the towns people stop the invasion but one alien survives and goes to an other town to start it over.

Plan 9 IMDB Profile

My Score: 3 out of 10 stars (3 / 10)

Prisoners of the Sun – Action, Adventure, Horror (2013)

Archeologists find proof that aliens started Egyptian civilization. Several people want to find a building where a great secret is hidden.

Gimly/Professor Maximilio Arturo plays in this movie, good actor and great voice. But even he could not save this movie, too many bad actors and the script is abominable. Practical special effects are ok but the CGI is very bad.This one is almost a SyFy movie but maybe even worse. Don’t even ask me if I would watch it again.

Spoiler Alert - Prisoners of the Sun
Asshole professor wants to find an ancient pyramid which holds secrets of a civilization long gone. Others want to find it too so they can use it for gain. They find the pyramid, a few scientists, an Indiana Jones clone, the disgruntled daughter, the criminal weasel and the psychic. In the end they find the secret, aliens where bad and they will come back in a long time.

Prisoners of the Sun IMDB Profile

My Score: 2 out of 10 stars (2 / 10)

The Boy – Horror, Mystery, Thriller (2016)

An American woman leaves the USA to take a job in the UK with a wealthy family as a caretaker of a child. When she gets there it is clear that the couple is not completely sane, the boy is actually a porcelain puppet. With a lot of hesitation she cares for the puppet. Strange things happen in the house, she is alone with the puppet.

Maggie from the walking dead is the main actress in the movie, I kind of liked it. Good build up, nice story, nice scenery. Sometimes the acting is a bit off, special effects aren’t used very often but when used it is nice. Music is good, the ambiance of the movie is good. Would I watch it again? No once seen you know too much about the movie.

Spoiler Alert - The Boy
A young woman escapes an ex by going to the UK and work as an au pair for a very rich family. When she gets there she sees that the boy is a puppet. Apparently their son died many years ago and the puppet was the only thing that gave them comfort. The woman is left alone as the parents go on vacation. She got a list to uphold but she thinks it is silly because it is a puppet, but weird things happen like stuff gone, everything turned over in her room. After a while she believes the puppet is haunted and starts caring for it. A helper in the house likes her a lot and they agreed to go out, but the care of The Boy is more important. After a series of very strange occurences she convinces the helper that the puppet is haunted. Her ex shows up and want to patch up their relationship, he can stay but must oblige the rules. He breaks the boy and hell is unleashed as a young man with a mask on starts to hurt and kill. In the end The Boy was still alive but he was very bad and lived between the wall. Of course she survives and they kill the real boy, but the last scene we see is someone repairing the puppet. Not a bad movie.

The Boy IMDB Profile

My Score: 5 out of 10 stars (5 / 10)

The Poltergeist of Borley Forest – Horror (2013)

A teen goes to a party in the forest, she strays from the party and finds a weird looking tree. She goes home and is grounded for going to the party, after this weird things start to happen. Something seems to have followed her.

This is an Indie movie, it shows but it is not bad, acting is decent but sometimes a bit bad. It is also known as You will love me, and probably many other names.Special effects well those are lacking, music can be a bit too much in some scenes. I enjoyed the movie because of the different way of creating a tense sensation. Would I watch it again? No, once you have seen it the story is very clear.

Spoiler Alert - The Poltergeist of Borley Forest
The teen girl goes to a party and she goes looking for a friend but finds a weird looking tree instead. Some poor sap was hanged there many years ago and it’s spirit bonded with the teen. Now at home her parents find out about the party and she gets grounded, as she tries to sleep she has the feeling something is watching her. From this point flowers are rearranged, weird shadows, some creepy dude ghost with a pantyhose over his head (no really, very good special effects). In the end she tries to find out more about the ghost and she hears about two brothers one is good other very bad, one was a serial killer and was hanged in the tree. In the end it seems they where twins and they vanquished the wrong twin and tada.

The Poltergeist of Borley Forest IMDB Profile

My Score: 4 out of 10 stars (4 / 10)

IMDB Watchlist = 4421

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