Upcoming Stories?

So I have an idea for a story but somehow I can’t get myself to write it. While thinking about Role Play scenarios that I have made, suddenly I got this idea and thought to write it in parts and put it on this blog so I could write when I feel like it and it does not have to be done in one go so that is quite a plus for me.

Maybe I will post it weekly or maybe irregular, we will see how far I will get with this upcoming story and maybe I will be posting other stories in between but I will create a page with all the stories above with the other links.

How well I will be able to write is something to be seen, I do not consider myself a good writer but maybe decent.

Let’s keep this post somewhat short I think that is better for now.

Author: Federico

I have created this blog so i have a way to vent my random thoughts. It will be a journey without an end.

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