Living in South Spain has left a lot of impressions, taste and characteristic traits on me. So when I flew to the Netherlands with my mother and brother I soon learned that things where very different here. That being said, we are 26 years further from that period but I still have cravings and sometimes even a bit of home sickness.


Sometimes it is a good thing to do something that helps with those feelings, one of them is cooking Spanish food. Paëlla, Tortilla, Pinchos Mureños, and now Churros. My girlfriend an I where watching a video on her facebook feed where someone made churros batter and made a cup for ice cream. The crazy Idea came up in my head to make churros, I have always thought that it would be extremely difficult. Ok granted, it is not exactly the same as I have eaten in Spain but who cares it is still tasty. Below I have inserted the video that made my cravings very very hard to resist in combination with getting free churros from a takeaway restaurant. Which was decent but I always wanted to make them myself.

It went well, but our dough was far too wet and we had to add more flour to the mix, the oil was very hot but that made it easier to fry them in a fast pace and to become golden brown of course. Next time we are probably try another recipe version. This one is ok but we do feel that it is not completely the same as they say in their video.

Chocolate dip sauce, yep we made that too very simpel heat up cream pour it over pure chocolat (in smaller pieces), stir and after it is melted it is nice and smooth. And I should not forget the cinnamon sugar mixture, after you have taken out the churro from the frying pan get rid of the excess fat and immediately toss it around the cinnamon sugar mixture. It will stick to it and will taste awesome.

So I had a bit taste of my days in Spain from when I was a lot younger than now. Next time it will be better.

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