So I decided when I started this blog not to be a complainer or post too many things about my depression but sadly enough I cannot avoid it. positivity is not something that you will read in this post.

As I got out of bed in the afternoon I noticed that I felt quite empty, at least that was what I thought that it was. The feeling that I do seem to feel is anxiety and sadness. But it is still manageable, my girlfriend went downstairs to get the mail and of course there was a letter for me from a government establishment wanting money from me. Money that I should not pay because it is actually something my ex should pay (I will explain this in another post later).

Even though it is not my payment to make I decided to pay it because it will be too much stress and that can bring me down completely. I do not have any income at the moment but thankfully my brother helps me.

So I called this establishment to get a deal to pay in four times, initially I would transfer the money before a certain date. After a few days I got a letter saying that it would be taken from my bank account automatically. Which was not what I agreed with them, I called them and the woman whom I made the deal with said she never agreed to it and that it can only be done automatically (I rather do it myself because I do not have a steady stream of income).

Giving up and stopping to discuss with the woman I decided it was ok this way. Four paying terms and then it will be over. So back to the letter I received today. The letter says that I can transfer it myself but must be done before a certain date otherwise I would have to pay the sum at once. The letter was sent today and the money should have been on their account today. I transferred it but it wont be on time.

Not my bill but still I pay it and I try to find a good way to handle it and “they” do not have their crap together.

Tomorrow I will call them and ask them what went wrong and if I will get in problems and what we can do to solver it seeing that they did not uphold their end of the bargain and then they did and then not, and then I had to be a time traveller.

Author: Federico

I have created this blog so i have a way to vent my random thoughts. It will be a journey without an end.

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