Upcoming Stories?

So I have an idea for a story but somehow I can’t get myself to write it. While thinking about Role Play scenarios that I have made, suddenly I got […]

H.P. Lovecraft and the Mythos

Lets start at the beginning, I learned quite early about Lovecraft due to Role Playing Games. I have never played Call of Cthulhu but other games are influenced greatly by […]

Weekly Movies - Week 13

Camera Trap (2014) – Horror, Found Footage So a few scientists or nature documentary makers go to a remote forest in Asia to film a mountain lion that is supposed […]


So I decided when I started this blog not to be a complainer or post too many things about my depression but sadly enough I cannot avoid it. positivity is […]

Weekly Movies - Week 12

Alienate (2016) – Horror, Sci Fi Some guy in a car trying to find his wife in an alien Invasion. That is the jist of the movie and let’s keep […]


Sometimes I get an Anxiety “attack” out of nowhere, I know this is a part of being Depressed and such. But it is a nasty feeling, specially if you do […]


  Horror has always been something I had a love/hate relationship with, when I was just but a young lad (5 years) my first confrontation with horror was made through […]


Cliché “It has been days since I have had a drop of blood, I can feel the emptiness growing but soon I will need to feed again. I know that […]