“It has been days since I have had a drop of blood, I can feel the emptiness growing but soon I will need to feed again. I know that I have told you I would not hurt you but let’s be hones you already knew from the beginning it would end like this. Did I lie? Of course, that is the way I live my life , if you can call it a life.”

He looked at her from the corner of his eyes as he noticed how the blonde girl, gagged and tied with her arms above her stuck to the gas pipe was looking at him. He could smell fear dripping off of her, he did not care for the taste it would give to the blood but he knew there was no other way for him to feed safely.

“Could you please stop whimpering? It makes this whole ordeal really difficult and I might not be able to finish you off in one go maybe I will have to give it a few times.”

As soon as he said the words she started to whimper even more but as she looked into his almost black eyes she realized that it would be better to be calm, knowing that she would die soon. She tried to look at him in such a way that he would take pity on her but the dark haired man with several scars on his face did not seem to care. All the words that came out of his mouth seemed dead, there was no feeling in it.

“Seeing I am a gentleman I will introduce myself before I feed on your soul. My name is Charlie, I know it is a very common name but that is it. Maybe I should have called myself something like Xiatorus or some other exotic sounding name but there you have it. Now you now my name it is time to feed.”

As Charlie approaches his victim she starts crying, he walks slowly towards her, every step sounding like impending doom. Even if they where in a cellar under an abandoned building still his long black coat was flowing like there was some wind. As he stands in front of her a sadistic and twisted smile appears on his cold and scarred face. He puts a hand around her neck and slowly his face closes in on her neck, even being a cliché he always went for the neck. He bared his fangs and lunged into her neck. Just before he bites through her flesh a muffled laugh comes from the girl. As Charlie was about to feed his face removes itself from her neck and he stares at her with a confused look in his face. Being a curious creature he removed the gag.

“Why are you laughing? Is this some kind of hysteria?”

The girl stops laughing and smiles at him.

“You had most of what you said right, you need to feed I get that. But don’t you think you are somewhat a cliché? We both know what your kind is and you fit into the profile so well. You even went for my neck.”

Charlie gets a smile on his face and nods agreeing.

“Well blondie I must say in my long life I have never had a prey like you, sadly enough my hunger is far too great to let you go. Normally I would have let you go but not tonight. I will make is quick and as painless as I can.”

As Charlie tries to feed again the blonde girl breaks her bonds with ease leaving him again with a look of confusion. She starts to smile and her eyes begin to glow red.

“You see, Charlie. I have been hungry for a while as well and I have had my eyes on you for weeks now.”

As Charlie stands there with disbelief the blonde girl jumps onto him putting her fingers between his neck and head and starts to pull as hard as she can. Not even a second later Charlie his head is suspended half of a meter above his torso. As the body falls she lands on her feet with the head in her hands, she puts her hand into where his neck once was and rips out his brains. She kneels down and starts feeding on it. She looks at the body and smiles while she chews on his undead brains.

“Freaking vampires, always so smug.”

The End

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