Weekly Movies – Week 13

Camera Trap (2014) – Horror, Found Footage

So a few scientists or nature documentary makers go to a remote forest in Asia to film a mountain lion that is supposed to be different and special.
They put on a lot of cameras and of course; the Mountain Lion is not a mountain Lion, who would have thought that.

A lot of sequences in the dark, a bit of “suspense” and lots of camera switching later almost nothing has happened, at all.

OK, in the end things do happen, the last 10 minutes I guess. Everything before that is as always very vague.

The movie is not extremely bad, it is actually ok for what it is. A Found Footage movie with sometimes ok acting (specially the lead actress isn’t the best).
Would I watch it again? No, but it was entertaining enough on the background while doing other things.

My Score: 3 out of 10 stars (3 / 10)

Collapse (2011) – Horror, Thriller

Zombie apocalypse has started and a farmer who is about to lose his farm to the bank and his family are attacked and he does everything he can to save them. More of the premise would be a huge spoiler. So I wont write it, but I will write my opinion.

The main actor is an experienced actor and I sometimes was baffled how “bad” his acting was but that is a part of the script. The whole movie is a standard Zombie outbreak story but it has it’s odds and ends that make it more interesting. I would say if you like the zombie genre take a look and stick with it to the end it might surprise you.

My Score: 3 out of 10 stars (3 / 10)

Earthfall (2015) – Sci-Fi, Disaster Movie
So a planet is wandering around the universe and comes too close to the earth and acts as a magnet and pulls both towards each other. Pieces of the planet crash into earth, a writer is at home and he goes looking for his wife; a scientist working for the government. Lots of meteorite falls, sort of drama, “action” and end of the movie.

The Asylum is known for creating not so good movies, but we got ourselves a competitor for the not so good movies: Cinetel Films, and it works with SYFY (also on this movie).

This movie is totally uninspiring, boring, the “action” in it is like seeing a race of old people on their scooters. Acting is at times atrocious and some characters are utterly idiotic. I would never, EVER watch this movie again.

My Score: 1 out of 10 stars (1 / 10)

Watchlist on IMDB = 4356

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