Serial Story: Trail of Reveries – Part 1

Samantha gazed into the night sky from her bedchamber window, while gazing she thinks of the dream that woke her from a long desired sleep. Somehow she is not tired at all, the questions that haunt her mind have driven her exhaustion away. Knowing that this broken night will cost her dearly in the day, fighting to stay awake. In front of her an old book lies open on her desk, it has creepy looking illustrations in it and is clearly written in Latin. An opened laptop next to the book that runs a translation program for the parts she might not be able to translate. She did not turn on the desk lamp as the light emanating from the full moon is sufficient to illuminate the book.

She flips through the pages of this obscure tome, searching for an explanation of her dreams. Her frustration is becoming worse every day, for every night is the same pleasant but haunting dream.
Dreams have been seizing her nights for months. It began after her visit to a seminar about Tribal Witchcraft, listening to another so called Professor exclaiming that “magic” is real.
Samantha works as an investigative reporter for a Spiritual magazine named “Beyond”. The Supernatural is only a way of earning money to her, but believing that such things might exist is a ridiculous thought to her.

After hours of research she cannot find a meaning for her involuntarily but beautiful walks through the land of dreams, so weird and so real. Every time she slept the same dream came back, every time a few details different. As impressive and helpful the tome seemed before it does not give any answers or explanations for the dreams. Specially one thing interested her most, the feelings the dreams bring with them. They are like nothing she ever experienced before, total peace, strength and love, embracing her like a warm comfortable blanket. Happiness might be the best description for these feelings.

However, knowing the meaning of these reveries might be an obsession to her, since Samantha comprehends that they might be part of reality. The meaning might give her everything she desires and it might even bring her the opportunity to alter the world for the better. Samantha cannot let go of the nightly walks in the land of dreams.

The following morning Samantha sits behind her desk trying to find something that might aid her, but she knows this is not the way to go on. “Maybe it is time to look up the Professor who talked at the seminar.” she thought, while trying to recollect his name. “What was it? Fargeeze or Fargiz.” she says while looking through numerous papers on the left end of her desk, right where she keeps her pile of possible interesting brochures, pamphlets, folders and other promotion. “Aha, there it is Dr. Professor Varghese, specialized in ancient history and specifically the Occult.” she mutters while digging up a folder and an invitation for the seminar, Samantha’s boss got those for her upcoming article.

To Be Continued

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